Like you noticed already in previous post, photos are from different seasons. Currently we are supposed to have winter here, but there’s really not much snow.  They were supposed to hold 60th ‘Pirkan hiihto’ cross country skiing event (length 90 kilometers,  route is going very near us) last weekend, but for the first time in history they had to cancel it because of the lack of snow!

Turku is the oldest town in Finland, situated in south-west coast, about 170km from Hämeenkyrö.

Some of the attractions are:

Turku cathedral:

Turku cathedral 26-Dec-2004

Turku castle:

Turku Castle

Old market, cathedral school:

Vanha Suurtori, Turku, Katedralskolan

Suomen Joutsen:

Suomen Joutsen, 070707
Turku market place:

Åbo salutorg 2010, Blommor och grönsaker

Vartiovuori observatory:

Vartiovuoren tähtitorni