Happy birthday

MiniJazzi had her birthday last month and naturally we had to throw her a little party. As she likes Christmas so much, and Santa Claus lives here in Finland, we tried to get her to meet him here. As it turned out, we were _extremely_ lucky, he was just visiting some friends nearby, and he promised to make a quick detour to meet our visitor from Down Under.

He was in a bit of a rush (he was supposed to be here), but had still time to have a little chat with MJ.




After Santa Claus had left we ate together some (= a lot 😉 ) cake and had a little glass of wine (girls drank coke and orange juice, of course).




Then we put kids to bed and left to a small pinball hall to have a few games before turning in ourselves. MJ is wearing here a fake fur we lent her.



Here’s a photo of MJ playing. She wanted to try all the games and seemed to enjoy herself.


3 comments on “Happy birthday
  1. Jazzi says:

    Oh I missed this post! Thanks for giving MJ a night out with friends and meeting Santa Claus himself! How wonderful! Hugs xx

  2. grandmommy says:

    Happy Birthday MJ! I would love to have one of those pinball machines!

  3. anne says:

    How nice!!Birthdayparty with Santa…who can have that!!!! 🙂 It is good to see MJ again and to read that she is enjoying herself! many Greetings, Anne