Month: March 2014

Happy birthday

MiniJazzi had her birthday last month and naturally we had to throw her a little party. As she likes Christmas so much, and Santa Claus lives here in Finland, we tried to get her to meet him here. As it


Like you noticed already in previous post, photos are from different seasons. Currently we are supposed to have winter here, but there’s really not much snow.  They were supposed to hold 60th ‘Pirkan hiihto’ cross country skiing event (length 90


Tampere is the nearest town, about 40 kilometers east. Some of the main attractions for a tourist are: Näsinneula:                 Pyhäjärvi: Pispala: Särkänniemi: Tammerkoski: Hatanpää arboretum: Hotel Ilves: Alexander church: Townhall: Library: Tampere