Mini Jazzi is arriving soon

On Thursday we got an letter from customs that we had a package there waiting to be declared. Our landlady was a bit baffled as she was not expecting anything from USA at the moment. She had ordered some doll parts, but hadn’t even paid them yet, so certainly those could not be in that package. She called customs then on Friday, and got the info about the sender and the value put on declaration form, but even those did not say anything. The clerk then opened the package up and described some of the things she saw there. She said the package was full of stuff and she did not dig in, but told  what she could see from the top. Only then it dawned on our landlady, that it must be mini Jazzi coming to visit us. It has been so long since miniJazzi left for her tour that we all had almost forgotten that she is coming here also. We had not even followed her journey for awhile now.
So she did catch us very much off guard. The house is a total mess, we are not good at keeping house, even though nowadays we have a housekeeper, supposedly ‘keeping house’ for us.
Here is an artistic view of the exact situation in the house. The housekeeper is standing in front of the bathroom behind some weird boxes, and my sister is lying on the kitchen floor, unfortunately she probably had a few drinks too many. I was not at home when the photo was taken, I was exploring some boxes in bookshelf.
We started making house presentable, starting with the guestroom. We have some nice slippers waiting for her, so her feet will not get cold. I also bought some fruits and Finnish chocolate for her. I will also lend her my laptop if she doesn’t have her own with her, and wants to keep in touch with her friends and happenings in the world. There is also Miniaturas magazine for her to read. She should be here early next week, so we will need to clean up other parts of the house still.





2 comments on “Mini Jazzi is arriving soon
  1. Anne says:

    That’s great that MJ will be with you! I am very much looking forward to see what she will be doing in Finland ! 🙂 Don’t worry about the house…Mj is fun!!! 🙂 The guestroom looks so wonderful already! Many greetings from Greece, Anne