Mini Jazzi World Trip – Jazzi currently in Greece

I am participating in Mini Jazzi’s world trip as a hostess. There are 24 hostesses all around the world (quite a lot in USA, 2 here in Finland) and Mini Jazzi will travel from one place to another seeing sights, getting to know a lot of mini people, and who knows what – I am sure she will be having a lot of fun during her trip.

Currently she is at her first stop after leaving Australia, i.e. beautiful Greece. You can read what she has been up to in Greece from Anne’s blog. Nobody knows yet when she will be leaving Greece and where will she be heading next.

I have to get working fast so that my wanna-be artist and her house would be ready for guests. Currently neither are in really presentable condition (but I will still show them to you ūüėČ ). Unfortunately photo quality is bad, but I think you will get the idea of how much they still need attention.

My artist will definitely need something to wear.

The house needs some paint and wallpapers still. Downstairs will be the guest room where Jazzi can sleep during her stay. Kitchen needs a lot of work as well as small bathroom upstairs Also living room is still a bit bare.

All participants are listed here.


Evelyne –¬†


Annette –¬†
Debbie –¬†


Ulla –¬†
Ninni –¬†


Monika –¬†


Anne –¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 21.8 .2012 –


Caterina –¬†



Gosia –¬†


Cyd –¬†¬†Indiana
Carol –¬†¬†Virginia
Sarah –¬†¬†Georgia
Doris –¬†¬†Michigan
Teresa –¬†¬†Wisconsin
Dale –¬†¬†New Jersey
Judith –¬†¬†Connecticut
Kathi –¬†¬†Alabama
Jennifer –¬†¬†Oregon
Gwen –¬†¬†South Carolina
Alice –¬†¬†Florida
Molly –¬†¬†Virginia
Lyssa –¬†¬†Florida
Mary –¬†¬†Massachusetts

One comment on “Mini Jazzi World Trip – Jazzi currently in Greece
  1. anne says:

    Hi to Finland!!! You better start working on all that!! Who knows when she will be there! It is so much fun having her for a few will see! I won’t keep her too long…so that the journey will continue quickly! Best Greetings, Anne