Apologies and welcome

I have to apologize profoundly from several people. It seems that I have totally forgotten to welcome several people who have started to follow me awhile back.  I offer my apologies and warm welcome (better late than never?) to
Eliana Martins
emma (can’t find a blog)
A. Bouwman

Then also equally warm, but not THAT late ;-),  welcome to

Kat the hat lady
Il Cucchiaino Magico

Please, go and check all of their blogs. There are some exceptional talent again to be found. For example Kat’s hats are exquisite, words and photos cannot tell how adorable they are in my opinion. I have posted a photo of the two I bought, and I cannot stop admiring them 🙂

One comment on “Apologies and welcome
  1. Mari@ says:

    Thank you for your welcome and for your words ;o)